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Creating the right solution for consistent and accurate multilingual communication sometimes requires more than our terminology solutions alone. So we have built strong, collaborative relationships with many of the top names in the translation/localization, content management, content creation, document management and technical writing fields.

These include working relationships with other leading technology firms. Through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs), we can seamlessly integrate our advanced TermWeb solution with the document-, content- and translation-management capabilities of leading software/services providers.

Read on for a brief description of the many partners we are proud to collaborate with to better serve our customers.

Partners focused on:
  • translation management systems
  • translation memory tools
  • project management tools
  • product information systems

Easyling is an award-winning website translation tool that helps language service providers sell their translation services. They can give an instant quote by doing a quick word and repetition count for any website with a single click. Easyling can deliver the content of the customer's website into their memoQ, Trados, XTM or any other CAT tool in XLIFF format. One can also use Easyling itself as a translation tool. With Easyling one can display the translation in a fully-functioning website in its original layout. Easyling helps LSP’s not just get new customers, but retain them too. ”You will be notified when a customers’ website changes, so you can ensure that their needs are quickly met.”

memoQ is a proprietary computer-assisted translation software suite which runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is developed by the Hungarian software company Kilgray Fordítástechnológiai Kft. (Kilgray Translation Technologies), a provider of translation management software established in 2004. memoQ provides translation memory, terminology, machine translation integration and reference information management in desktop, client/server and web application environments.

Ontram is the leading provider of software for Enterprise Translation Management (ETM). ETM software supports export-oriented corporations in providing their foreign markets all over the world as efficiently and quickly as possible with product information in the local languages. The company was founded by Sven Christian Andrä in 1999. Today it employs a staff of over 40 in Berlin, San José, Karlsruhe and Straubenhardt. ONTRAM is currently deployed by over 2,000 users. Its webb-based approach, open interfaces and easy-to-configure workflow provide for highly efficient collaboration among everyone involved in a translation process, from product managers to translators, media service providers and market coordinators, and allow cost and time savings of over 30%. Current reference clients include CLAAS, Metabo, Mercedes, Go-in and Raytheon.

XTM International Limited was formed in the UK in 2002.Their head office is in Gerrards Cross, 30 minutes from London. Their development, testing and support teams are based in Poznan, Poland. Their focus is on the development, marketing and support of their software and providing localisation and XML consultancy. This makes them a truly independent software developer, as they do not provide translation services. XTM is currently the leading web 2.0 complete translation environment. XTM is powerful but simple to use: project managers can easily create, monitor and manage projects while translators, reviewers and terminologists can utilise the powerful fully-featured translation environment. By making use of this simple to use, yet powerful web technology, their customers increase productivity, reduce costs and decrease through-put times.


SDL provides software solutions and services that accelerate the delivery of high-quality multilingual content to global markets. SDL’s integrated web content management, ecommerce, structured content and language technology products are supported by an extensive translation network and language services offering that enable clients to drive down the cost of content creation, management, translation and publishing. By streamlining this management of global content, SDL customers are able to accelerate time-to-market, ensure brand consistency and improve customer experience. Global industry leaders who rely on SDL include ABN-Amro, Bosch, Canon, CNH, FICO, Hewlett-Packard, KLM, Microsoft, NetApp, Philips, SAP, Sony and Virgin Atlantic. SDL has over 1000 enterprise customers, has deployed over 170,000 software licenses and provides access to on-demand portals for 10 million customers per month.


LTC is a leader in providing high value translation technology, translation services and, product localization services to the global enterprise. Customers can take advantage of their 20+ years of experience in deploying and using many different technologies to accelerate time to market, create new global revenue opportunities, expand worldwide brands and drastically reduce operational costs.

Animech Technologies is an agile company that are experts in information visualization. Their solutions simplify and increase efficiency throughout their customers organizations by allowing information to be both handled and presented in a more visual way. Their customers reside in a wide variety of industries, from fine tuned medical equipment to high pressure oil pumps. Animech Technologies is a privately owned company based in Uppsala. The company was established 2007 as a spin-off from the award winning media production company Animech founded in 2001.

Partners focused on:
  • content creation and content development
  • content management systems, CMS, and tools
  • document management systems and tools
  • technical writing tools
  • implementation of controlled language and vocabulary

Amplexor is a leader in providing customers with global solutions in content lifecycle management. The Amplexor divisions deliver comprehensive solutions that help customers design, build and run content management operations of all sizes. Thanks to its employees’ expertise in the fields of consulting, system integration, language services as well as content and document management, Amplexor is able to help businesses worldwide to manage content more efficiently. With a market presence in over 18 countries, Amplexor serves customers in a variety of business sectors including the public sector, aerospace, defence and transport, manufacturing, life sciences, financial services and energy and environment.

Kothes! Technische Kommunikation is a leading consultant and service provider for thedevelopment of technical documentation and CE marking. They provide professional and targeted services to mid-size and multinational companies, that need help finding an effective approach to develop the best possible technical documentation, to better represent the engineered product. 

Yamagata Europe

Yamagata Europe is a documentation solutions company with expertise across a broad range of industries including information technology, automotive, consumer electronics, agricultural and construction. Yamagata Europe creates multilingual documentation that works, enabling customers to deliver products and services around the globe. Plain and simple, the company writes, edits, illustrates, translates and prints manuals.

Glossa Group

Lingsoft, Inc. is an international full service language company. The company has a large variety of services or products related to spoken and written language. Lingsoft products are based on the company's world renown sentence and word analysis technologies that have become a de-facto standard. Lingsoft provides a complete set of language management solutions related to written and spoken languages - translation and localization services, customized language checker, text mining tools, speech controlled services etc. Lingsoft's products include reader's and writer's tools, search and indexing tools, speech tools and instant dictionaries. In addition, Linsoft offers text mining solutions, as well as components for morphological and syntactical analysis and generation.

Partners focused on:
  • translation and localization services
  • terminology management services
  • terminology extraction
  • terminology database structuring

If you need a professional partner for Multilingual Communications and Transcreation our sister company Nescit Translation is the right place! They have experience of all existing roles of the process – as translators, copywriters, marketeers, designers, localization engineers and software developers and will give you broad-based support for your communications needs through a one-stop approach, encompassing processes, professionals and smart technology.

AAC Global

AAC Global is the leading provider of globalization services in the Nordic markets. They actively support customers in their competence and communication challenges in multilingual and global business environments. AAC Global's comprehensive portfolio of globalization services include translation, localisation, terminology management, documentation services as well as training in languages, communication and international management skills.


With a combined experience of over 30 years experience in the language services industry, Arancho Doc has always been at the forefront of the latest developments in language technology and tools. Arancho Doc serves industry leaders worldwide thanks to a network of 10 offices located throughout Europe and Asia.

Glossa Group

Glossa Group The company's services and products cover the entire range of digital and verbal intercultural communications. The Glossa Group offers professional solutions for permanently setting up documentation in all languages and formats and many more related to the possibilities of multilingual understanding.

InterverbumUSA InterverbumAsia

Interverbum USA and Interverbum Asia represent Interverbum Technology and AAC Global in the US and Asia.

Lan-Bridge Translation Co

Lan-bridge Translation Co is a trendsetting language service provider for the Internet Age, engaging in theoretical research and technological application of linguistic information processing. Registered and founded in Chengdu in 2000, it has rapidly developed into a nationally known translation company. Currently the company has branch offices in Chinese cities of Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an and Zhengzhou. European clients are served from their UK office in London.


Terminologicentrum TNC The Swedish Centre for Terminology, aims to meet all kinds of terminological needs of users of languages for special purposes. TNC achieves this through terminological services and support to authorities, organizations, enterprises who pursue terminological work of their own within various subject fields, and also to individuals.

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