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  • content creation and content development
  • content management systems, CMS, and tools
  • document management systems and tools
  • technical writing tools
  • implementation of controlled language and vocabulary

Amplexor is a leader in providing customers with global solutions in content lifecycle management. The Amplexor divisions deliver comprehensive solutions that help customers design, build and run content management operations of all sizes. Thanks to its employees’ expertise in the fields of consulting, system integration, language services as well as content and document management, Amplexor is able to help businesses worldwide to manage content more efficiently. With a market presence in over 18 countries, Amplexor serves customers in a variety of business sectors including the public sector, aerospace, defence and transport, manufacturing, life sciences, financial services and energy and environment.

 Yamagata Europe

Yamagata Europe is a documentation solutions company with expertise across a broad range of industries including information technology, automotive, consumer electronics, agricultural and construction. Yamagata Europe creates multilingual documentation that works, enabling customers to deliver products and services around the globe. Plain and simple, the company writes, edits, illustrates, translates and prints manuals.

Glossa Group

Lingsoft, Inc. is an international full service language company. The company has a large variety of services or products related to spoken and written language. Lingsoft products are based on the company's world renown sentence and word analysis technologies that have become a de-facto standard. Lingsoft provides a complete set of language management solutions related to written and spoken languages - translation and localization services, customized language checker, text mining tools, speech controlled services etc. Lingsoft's products include reader's and writer's tools, search and indexing tools, speech tools and instant dictionaries. In addition, Linsoft offers text mining solutions, as well as components for morphological and syntactical analysis and generation.

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