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Turn TermWeb® into your online product catalogue or user manual

Building a term database is not limited to glossary aspects. TermWeb is easily turned into an online dictionary by adding images, sound files, documents, video clips or URLs. This is done by creating internal or external links. If a picture can say more than a thousand words, adding a video clip may actually turn a terminological entry into a manual. It’s easy to visualize using TermWeb to publish an online catalogue of parts, products or solutions. By linking a short movie to the part or product entry, users can learn how to install or mount it. A translated term could be linked to a sound bite that teaches its pronunciation. With unlimited data fields, there’s room for growth and new ideas.

As the number of organizations using TermWeb grows, we look forward to learning about and passing on ideas on using TermWeb to structure, integrate and showcase information. With TermWeb, you can give your term database a unique degree of detail as well as contextual richness



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