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Safe and easy integration with existing IT setup, without proprietary lock-ins

Choosing TermWeb® empowers you to change your mind. This is due to easy migration of previously gained data and intelligence into—and out of—TermWeb, thanks to its open architecture and reliance on standards. The same goes for integration with existing software. This is handled through TermWeb’s application programming interface (API). Custom scripts can be added for special functions and capabilities. Users can link up in-house product data management software such as labeling, invoicing or bidding systems.

Integration through TermWeb’s API actually means that most of TermWeb’s functionality will be accessible directly from the linked application. To take things even further, we’ve developed the BrandChecker module, which serves as a “language police”—similar to the spell-checker—in office suites and publishing software such as MS Office, Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress.

For users of the SDL Trados Studio translation tool, a module called TermWebIntegrator is available. While translating or reviewing texts in Studio, TermWebIntegrator will prompt the user to pick the translated terms from TermWeb’s central term repository. Find out more about  the integration with SDL Trados Studio here

TermWeb supports ISO639 and TBX (TermBase eXchange) standards. TBX is an ISO-certified open XML–based format for terminological data. TBX files can be imported into and exported from most software packages that include a terminological database. Easy-to-use export and import to and from MS Excel is also available. For easy integration with existing SDL MultiTerm installations, users are able to export term data in MultiTerm XML format and dictionary definitions in MultiTerm XDT format.



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