Work with a specialist in end-to-end
terminology management solutions


Work with a specialist in end-to-end terminology management solutions


Interverbum Technology provides end-to-end terminology management solutions for multiple purposes, from medical and legal terminology to content creation—from terminology translation to website localization. Our solutions comprise the following:

  • TermWeb®, our Web-based platform for managing global terminology development and publishing
  • Consultancy services to help design an optimal term-base and global terminology management infrastructure, as well as carry out the actual work. This includes the continuous development, review, and maintenance of all terminological assets, processes and guidelines
  • Advisory services regarding translation/localization of concepts/terms/strings and also actual translation/localization work through our customers’ preferred vendors or one of our translation/localization partners
  • Integration services between TermWeb and related applications such as content management systems and translation memory systems through TermWeb’s Open Source API. This includes specific “language police” modules BrandChecker (for MS Office and Content management systems, CMS) and TermWebIntegrator (for translation tools)
  • Customized terminology-related training services
Why terminology management is so critical

The purpose of global terminology management is to control the way core intellectual property assets such as brand names are communicated around the world. It is a prerequisite for efficient outsourcing of, for example, content creation and translation/localization management. Current developments in machine translation and “crowd sourcing” further testify to the importance of terminology management.

Some of the steps involved in the setup and function of a terminology management solution involve:

  • Term database management: Defining purposes, uses and users of the term database
  • Outlining data architecture/infrastructure and integration with other systems
  • Who is authorized to do what (on an ongoing basis)
  • Which terms and concepts actually require standardization (continuous with input from corporate/division and regional/local levels)
  • Development of linguistic guidelines including foreign language translation and dictionary management (continuous)
  • Document translation, including glossary management and translation management
  • Branding and immaterial-rights issues (continuous with input from corporate/division and regional/local levels)
  • Validation work (after a centralized decision, typically at regional/local levels)

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